Discover how The Right Nootropics Can Help You Perform at a Higher Level With No Downside.

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The world around us moves at a faster pace every day; Keeping up with family, friends, work and even our hobbies of choice takes a major cognitive toll on our system, and while the search for performance enhancing products has been around since the dawn of our time, very few options provide safe, sustainable and reliable solutions to our energy deficit.

How can you identify the right product in accordance to your specific needs?

Look for high quality ingredients.

Our brain and body require sleep in order to function properly, but most of us are leading incredibly busy lives and pushing ourselves to perform at the highest level, even when we haven´t rested as much as we need to. Products with the right combination of vitamins, amino acids, herbs and mushrooms, such as NAPJITSU can act as a secret weapon for the modern overachiever.

Regardless of whether you´re gaming, trading, working or just have a night out with the in-laws scheduled (yes, we feel you!), products like NOW, NAP and REST promise to equip you with the energy and focus you need to get you over the finish line, without making you feel groggy or jittery.

Laura Brooks and her team at NAPJITSU recently granted us an interview, here´s what they had to say:

Do your own research before consuming any product.

Regardless of whether you´re gaming, trading or working, always look for products that can provide you with the energy and focus you need to get you over the finish line, without making you feel groggy or jittery. “We leverage sleep science to enhance the rest you get and to mimic the effects of rest when you don't have time to slow down. NOW has 13 nootropics and NAP has 29 nootropics to provide a well-rounded, robust cognitive boost. It's so much more than energy — it's energy plus creativity, alertness, focus, and memory. Paired with caffeine — especially time-released caffeine — our nootropic stacks are super effective (2x as effective as coffee) at unlocking energy and better performance. Both NOW and NAP are patent-pending for their innovative nootropic stacks, and our consumer studies show they unlock more than 5 hours of steady focus and energy.” Laura Brooks explains.

Make sure there´s no habit forming potential.

“We wanted to create a better form of energy that's natural, non-habit-forming and effective. We were over sugary energy drinks, we had become practically addicted to coffee, and we knew there has to be a better way to break the cycle of fatigue. We did a ton of research and discovered the myriad benefits of the power nap and the caffeine nap, as evidenced by studies in Japan and by NASA, and we decided to one-up the caffeine nap with a bunch of other nootropics. We like to think of it as empowering your power nap even more.” Brooks affirms.

Strive to lead a healthy, balanced life.

While being a high performer is certainly important in today´s day and age, you must always remember to take care of your body and your mind to avoid burnout. Make sure to practice physical activity regularly, and make time for your mental health through daily meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Remember that nootropics and other cognitive performance boosting products can be a great way to maximize your performance, but without proper self care, you will be setting yourself up to fail.

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