Why Emily Alexandra Guglielmo Personifies the Modern American Entrepreneur

She´s young, beautiful and successful: Emily Alexandra Guglielmo – a Playboy® model, successful brand builder, professional mermaid and passionate philanthropist who has decided to use her platform to inspire and help others; The vivacious star is also an inspiration for countless women around the world.

She is a seasoned entrepreneur who has experienced major success as the founder of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics - a burgeoning company that has exhibited unstoppable growth since it was founded - thanks to its superior quality products and Emily´s innate talent as a product developer.

Emily´s lifelong passion for the ocean is what made her pursue her dream of becoming a real life mermaid. She has made a name for herself, and is internationally known for her beautiful mermaid identity, which has inspired other projects too. But this influence also makes her aware of her power to effect positive change in the world. Throughout her entire life, Emily Alexandra has felt a strong passion for the ocean and a special connection to its creatures.

Emily´s vehicle to do good is the non profit “Supporting Water, an organization that helps to provide drinking water to those who need it most. Primarily in developing countries that do not have access to this vital resource.

Emily recently granted Influence Journal an interview, and here´s what she shared with us:

What did you learn from your recent trip to Africa?

I realized how incredibly blessed I am… and realized how little the people and children of Kenya have, yet they were so happy….all they need is better education for health and sanitation.

How is your non-profit “Supporting Water” helping people on the ground?

We are building Wells and Water Filtration systems for communities and villages that don’t have convenient drinkable water. We also are helping women´s shelters and orphanages have the correct school books and supplies!

What are some of your career plans for 2022?

To get distribution in Mexico and other countries, as well as branch off to other counties for missions. Our next mission will be 2023!

We know you’ve been getting a lot of calls for acting work, can you share some of your experiences with our readers?

I have been getting booked each week for commercials and print work from anywhere to Publix Grocery Store, Disney, CVS , and more… it’s so much fun being on set… my goal is to get booked for much more speaking roles next year!

What is the biggest motivation for you on a daily basis?

To stay consistent ~ that’s where you see the results I get excited to see what I can accomplish for my daily list… it feels good to check off the to-do list!

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