Pietro Pizzorni Embodies The Ultimate Modern Gentleman

For a man with a taste for the fast life nothing seems to be off limits. As the pulsating beats of house music play in the background, breakthrough style icon Pietro Pizzorni finishes a photo shoot where he poses in a tuxedo, driving a classic sports car.

“Most people think of me only as a DJ, but in reality, I’m doing so many different things now,“ Pietro says. His newest musical release “Axiom” has caused a big stir in the electronic music scene, and Pietro continues to perform at some of Miami´s most prestigious venues.

But for him, music is only one of many passions. He´s also an accomplished actor, tattoo artist and a self proclaimed fashion savant, notorious for always wearing tailored suits and maintaining an impeccable modern gentleman persona at all times.

Growing up in a town where shorts and sandals are the daily attire, the Miami native challenges the norm with his fashion as he emanates that of a gentleman— chic and refined, with thought and purpose.

“There’s very little class, the way men dress in Miami,” Pietro says. “I’m bringing back elegance, class and the aesthetic of a true gentleman with the clothes I wear.”

Though in addition to his modeling and acting, Pietro still possesses a constant passion for music. Over the last 12 years, his sound has adapted with the patterns of electronic music, house and underground, redefining the genre with his gentleman persona. With residencies in major Miami nightclubs Wall, Floyd and Treehouse, Pietro is now focused on producing six new tracks to be released over the course of this year.

To learn more about Pietro, whether his music, his fashion or his pursuit of perfecting the art of a gentleman, visit his Instagram @pietro.pizzorni

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