How Pietro Pizzorni Became A Contemporary Fashion Icon

Far from the norm, trailblazer Pietro Pizzorni is creating new aesthetic standards for popular models, actors and DJ’s.

Even more surprising is that Pizzorni’s refined, gentlemanly style originated in Miami where DJ attire is often at its most uncouth. A successful television personality, music producer and tattoo artist, as far back as Pietro can recall, style has been a way of life.

Yet norms have never phased the independently-minded Pizzorni. His style works because it stays true to his passions, irrespective of trends or cultural constructs. The passionate AC Milan follower and lifestyle savant has consolidated his status as a fashion authority by remaining faithful to his own personal perception of what a gentleman should project at all times.

His visionary approach to modern pop culture architecture has earned Mr. Pizzorni the trust of multiple business associates and the often unattainable representation of top model agency Wilhelmina, among other accolades.

"Everywhere I perform or work, whether I’m on a show, DJing or tattooing, I wear suits,” Pietro says. “Sometimes they’re more modern styled with my sleeves rolled up and tattoos revealed, but a suit regardless.”

In addition to his flourishing career as a top rank male model and screen actor, for the last 12 years, he has boldly pioneered a sound in electronic that would match his refined taste in aesthetics. The result has been astounding. Not only has Pizzorni carved a new lane for classic style in a historically iconoclastic, but circa Miami 2020 Pizzorni has established his lane as the city’s new vogue!

With residencies in major Miami nightclubs Wall, Floyd and Treehouse, Pizzorni is creating the sound for Miami and beyond.

To learn more about Pietro, whether his music, his fashion or his pursuit of perfecting the art of a gentleman, visit his Instagram.

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