Interspecies Artistry: A Virtual Collaboration between Save The Chimps and Aston Martin Residences

A groundbreaking collaboration has emerged between Save The Chimps, a leading chimpanzee sanctuary, and the esteemed Aston Martin Residences Art Gallery, culminating in the innovative virtual exhibition, "Interspecies." This unique showcase, set to enchant viewers for 45 days, transports audiences into a three-dimensional realm, meticulously designed to mirror the gallery poised on the 52nd floor of the Aston Martin Residences. The digital experience is accessible at the official exhibition site.

Operating from Fort Pierce, Florida, Save the Chimps stands as a sanctuary of significant scale, dedicated to providing a haven and exceptional care for chimpanzees liberated from research labs, the pet trade, and the entertainment sector.

This exhibition witnesses the convergence of creativity and conservation, featuring the collaborative endeavors of The B-52s band members—Kate Pierson, Fred Schneider, and Cindy Wilson—with the sanctuary's chimpanzee residents. Together, they produce a vibrant collection of acrylic-on-canvas artworks, inspired by the band's iconic album visuals. The process sees the musicians setting the canvas's backdrop, allowing the chimps to complete the artistry with their unique brushwork. Each artwork, echoing a B-52s song or lyric, bears the band's signature, with sales proceeds aiding Save The Chimps.

The virtual gallery also highlights contributions from Karen Bystedt, with original prints from her ‘Lost Warhols’ series serving as canvases for the chimps, and a series of chrome-backed paintings adorned with colorful strokes by ape artists, each named after a classic Aston Martin model.

Dan Mathews, Save The Chimps' Director of Events, expresses enthusiasm for this partnership, highlighting the chimps' recent successes in the art world and the significance of aligning with a luxury brand like Aston Martin. This collaboration is anticipated to further unfold at this year's Artexpo New York, promising another celebrity artist alliance.

Additionally, Save The Chimps introduces an exclusive piece for the Aston Martin Residences' collection, inspired by the residences’ distinctive architecture and setting. This work, featuring individual strokes from the sanctuary's adept chimpanzee artists, stands as a testament to the project's collaborative and interspecies nature.

Experience the fusion of art and empathy at the "Interspecies" exhibit, now viewable virtually at the Aston Martin Residences art gallery.

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