La Cocay: Passion and Flavor in Cozumel

La Cocay, which means firefly in Maya, has remained true to its essence as a restaurant where food, ambiance, and service are sources of pride. "We want our customers to feel at home, find friendship, and, above all, have an unforgettable experience. The loyalty of couples to entire families who have been visiting us for decades is the essence of who we are."

Those are the words of Kathy Klein, a nutritionist, registered dietitian, and restaurateur, originally from New York and now proudly a Cozumel resident. In 1995, Kathy was strolling near her home in Cozumel when she came across a picturesque green restaurant with dim yellow lights and an irresistible aroma of rosemary and garlic. That night, she tried a chicken breast stuffed with caramelized apples in red wine with goat cheese and spinach wrapped in bacon. The experience was memorable, and her connection with the place deepened.

From that moment on, Kathy frequented the restaurant, forging a friendship with the owners, and, enamored with the concept, ended up working there until, in 2005, she took over complete leadership, transforming La Cocay into an icon of Cozumel with a service infused with love in every detail.

When asked about the secret to her success, Kathy commented:

"I firmly believe it's about staying true to our essence but adapting to current trends; that is definitely key to our longevity. For example, we love decorating the restaurant according to seasons and holidays, offering special menus that complement the gastronomic experience, without neglecting the signature dishes that make our regular customers feel special and comfortable."

A Fusion of Flavors and Textures.

Inspired by the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and Mexico, the culinary focus translates into eclectic dishes. For example, shrimp wrapped in prosciutto served with couscous, sweet potato puree, and a passion fruit sauce. From the moment the crispy bite enters the palate, you can enjoy its sweetness with a touch of acidity; this, combined with the smoothness of the couscous, results in a delicious symphony of flavors.

A house rule is to maintain classic dishes, but creativity in the kitchen is encouraged, with all chefs participating in creating new and future menu favorites.

Wines, Drinks, and Special Events.

La Cocay embraces a passion for wine, evident in the varied list covering different countries, including Mexico. They also make room for exploring with the creation of classic and creative cocktails, such as the exquisite Kyri with prosecco and strawberries or the refreshing pitahaya mojitos. Additionally, they prepare delicate special menus for holidays and private events, such as the annual dinner for La Chaine des Rotisseurs, of which they are also members.

Ongoing Commitment to Flavor in Cozumel.

La Cocay offers an exceptional culinary experience in Cozumel, where beaches, sunsets, and reefs intertwine with the warmth of its people. Now it's your turn to discover the unique flavor of La Cocay!

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