Ignite Vodka Launches in Omaha, Nebraska’s iconic ‘Wine, Beer, & Spirits’ Mega Store

Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite has been preparing to launch the first of their newly developed and highly anticipated spirits line, Ignite Spirits. With nationwide distribution on their sights, the company has introduced a its flagship product in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska at mega liquor retailer Wine, Beer & Spirits.

The imposing superstore that extends over 25,000 square feet, claiming the title of largest public liquor retailer in all of Nebraska, is known as the place where clientele can not only shop, but also sip on a cocktail from the in-house bar as they browse the store’s colossal selection.

As the first retailer in the country to sell Ignite’s vodka, the mega store was thrilled to offer its clients the semi-exclusive opportunity to enjoy the premium quality spirit before the rest of the U.S. Despite having randomly met Bilzerian years ago over a casual game of poker in Las Vegas, Wine Beer, & Spirits’ General Manager, Jake Heiliger, was eager to order his first round of inventory of Ignite’s new vodka after hearing of the company’s new launch. Following some research on Ignite, the vodka’s level of quality immediately stood out to Heieliger with bonuses like it being gluten-free and derived from corn. The retailer’s general manager additionally foresees significant sales of Ignite vodka within his store as its sleek, edgy branding is sure to align with that of a premium brand vodka.

With a store that’s nearly half the size of a football field, Heiliger says that clientele choose Wine, Beer, & Spirits because of their vast and diverse, superior selection. Having opened earlier this year in May, at the height of the pandemic, Heiliger has seen first-hand how patrons have been more likely to purchase alcoholic beverages for at-home consumption, often purchasing new and different products along with mixers, and liqueurs to re-create their favorite bar cocktail.

“With everyone staying home a lot more as a result of the pandemic, consumers have been more inclined to buy new products to drink at home,” says Heiliger. “When I heard about Ignite’s vodka, I knew we had to have it at Wine, Beer, & Spirits. Our clientele are eager to try new, high-quality products.”

After a 30-day period of exclusivity, Ignite looks forward to an expansion, sharing the vodka to the rest of the country. Committed to a mark of excellence that emulates the very meaning of supremacy, Ignite has only one standard… to be the best.

Be sure to check the Ignite website for updates on the launch of Ignite Spirits.

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