Meet The Woman Who Is Changing The Lives Of Ugandan People - Kate Morgan

he world is filled with so many different kinds of people, but to narrow it down - some are selfless and some are selfish. Kate Morgan is most definitely selfless - but on a much larger scale than most.

Kate has valuable experience in Philanthropism, she has a Masters Degree in English Rhetorics, an array of experience in helping and supporting people of all walks of life and an incredibly successful career in filmmaking - her film Hearts on Fire will be featured in the BeBop Channel Content Festival this year!

Chicago is where the young idol was raised - Kate was brought up in a Christian home, and both her parents worked in fields that included helping and supporting others - her mother worked as a nurse for 25 years, and her caring, empathetic nature has certainly been passed down to Kate.

She was taught from the very beginning that “if you have more than you need, you should take what you need - and give what is left to those who need it more”.

Kate had been helping out with Uganda’s orphanages along with many other projects before the horrific Covid-19 pandemic struck the world, and the damage it has caused has meant that projects are needing to be pushed ahead due to urgency - help and funding is needed now, more than ever.

Covid-19 could be compared to hell on earth for Uganda - as an area where things were already so cruel and tough, Covid-19 made situations worse than ever before, with an already ridiculously low food supply - delays on shipping and money shortages worldwide made the situation for Ugandan abominable.

Kizito and Chris are Kate’s “inside” team, they live in the heart of Uganda - and do incredible work within the orphanages, along with a range of other much needed work to help support the children of their area. They are the sole communication between Uganda and Texas - where Kate resides.

Kate is a huge part of multiple organizations that are dedicated to helping this salient cause - one of the organisations being the Voluntary Rural Community Empowerment Uganda. (VRCEU) is a Christian registered charity organization. It is a community organization that is working in the Bukedea District in the Rural Eastern part of Uganda in Africa, their work covers 7 parishes, 19 villages and over 2431 households. She also runs the Church of The Elohist Thelma - this is another Christian Organization, that has regular meetings and readings.

Kate and her team are currently raising money for a wide array of seriously urgent projects - what we are able to find in our bathroom cupboards in our first world countries is something the people of Uganda do not have access to - an example of this is sanitary pads for young girls, who miss up to 5 days a month of school while menstruating - because they do not have access to the health supplies or care that we do.

This is heartbreaking and unacceptable - and one of the reasons behind the “Girls Child Project” -

“Nobody is more vulnerable than an uneducated young girl living in severe poverty. She is highly at risk of being sexual violated, forced into child marriage, early pregnancy, complications during childbirth, and contracting HIV/AIDS. If she survives, she will raise her children in poverty and they too - will face the same obstacles.” - Kate stated.

Kate and her team are doing all that they can to change this - along with many other important matters such as bringing medical/health, children orthopedic supplies, orthopedic/clubfoot treatment, child support - which include school fees, school/education supplies, sanitary pads, clothes, children medical supplies, infrastructure, school construction, solar powered boreholes construction, sustainable agriculture, ox-plough supply, new seed supply and education on global warming and re-forestation - as well as roof and building material for hospitals and orphanages to Uganda. Along with three successful planting projects that Kate and her team funded - with beans being the most important vegetable due to how filling and flexible they are - Kate and her team have also funded 4 successful reconstructive surgeries for Clubfoot - this is a serious issue in Uganda. It is considered a “bad omen” within the Ugandan people, meaning many families abandon their children if they have this disability. The surgery is needed now more than ever - with the amount of Clubfoot cases rising all the time.

Help is needed more than ever in Uganda - and Kate and her team are a leading example to the rest of the world, more of us need to do what we can to help those in need.

People like Kate just prove that there are still truly good people in this world, follow in her footsteps if you can.

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