Antony Gordon Wants his Podcast Audience to Live Joyfully and Find Fulfillment

hat is life if not a perpetual pursuit of happiness—a desire that permeates, consciously or instinctively, through all of our endeavors? This natural aspiration towards a better and happier life is the driving force of human achievement. How does one attain that elusive state? Is there a shortcut to happiness? Is the journey rough or smooth? How can we best prepare to embark on this voyage to happiness? These questions and many more are the subject of The Antony Gordon Show, a podcast that strives to debunk pop culture myths and misconceptions through engaging discourse between the host, Antony Gordon, and his guests.

There are myriad prophets, lecturers, and self-proclaimed gurus that most of us turn to for help and guidance when faced with disappointments and setbacks. But Gordon stands out among the rest. On top of his podcast, he also acts as a consultant and life coach to celebrities and elite athletes and is a highly sought-after motivational speaker. Having spent years life-coaching and consulting people in the entertainment industry, who are successful and affluent by all standards, he soon discovered that many of them were not genuinely happy, nor did they know how to attain this state. No matter how hard they looked around, there were no textbooks, no guidelines, and no shortcuts to happiness. The idea of the podcast came along as an answer on how to fill this void, and Gordon filled it up with unobtrusive, yet wise and practical advice—with the voices of remarkable personalities who have proven their worth through life achievements, in spite of the bumpy road they took to get there.

Pop culture has long claimed that "a happy life is a pain-free life," a statement that Gordon counters in one of his memorable episodes, arguing that "pain is, in fact, the price that one has to pay for greatness." He goes on to say: "Pain is the wonderful opportunity to take this stumbling block and make it into a stepping stone." He takes the old adage "no pain no gain" further, calling to dispel myths and "fill the void with tools for life." One such tool is a metaphoric umbrella that Gordon wants to give his audience so that they can "dance in the rain," rather than wait for the perfect moment to begin the life's work.

Can you imagine a supermarket shelf with a sign that reads "tools for life?" The line for it would likely be out the door...However, The Antony Gordon Show podcast is that every source of precious knowledge and life recipes, spelled out by the host and his guests. You can catch up on the latest episodes of Spotify and iTunes.

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