GatherX Is Revolutionizing The Way We Communicate With Our Idols

In the age of connectivity, people from all walks of life have found it easier to engage in meaningful conversations and explore the similarities that make us all human, but until recently, there was still a sector of the world population that remained inaccessible to everyday folks – major celebrities, business and intellectual leaders – but that is no longer the case.

Social Media wunderkind We Gather has attracted a myriad of household name celebrities from athletes to singers to models to academics, en route to becoming one of the ten fastest-growing social platforms in the world.

As users engage with the platform, the team behind this innovative communication alternative continues to fine tune the key functionalities that have been adopted by users such as the celebrity chat.

So even despite We Gather’s early success, CEO David Price decided to make a radical change. According to Price “We will be dramatically simplifying the platform to have only what users truly care about- being able to buy exclusive chats with notable individuals, celebrities, experts and enthusiasts that you cannot get real access to elsewhere.”

The new platform comes with a whole new look, new feel, simpler design, and even a new name — gatherX. The launch has been accompanied by even more stars joining, and will give them the ability to earn by chatting too.

As we continue finding new and improved ways to communicate with each other, gatherX effectively provides the missing link by enabling direct and meaningful interactions with leading public figures, bringing down the final barrier and helping fans get closer to the people they admire the most.

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