The Number One Resource For The Construction And Infrastructure Industries

When developing large scale projects there are a myriad of factors to be considered, perhaps the most important one of them all is to have a detailed cost management strategy.

For successful developers and key players within the construction and infrastructure industries, finding strategic support in experienced project control management consultants like the leading firm Churchill Cost Consultants, which has propelled to the top of their field by solidifying long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with its clients.

With offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston and guided by visionary executive Mike Johnson, Churchill has become the number one resource for real estate management strategy and financial planning.

Having successfully worked in 5 countries and staffed with a full team of highly skilled professionals, Churchill Cost Consultants has the upper hand when it comes to delivering effective results for its clients.

Their core service offering is focused on three key areas: planning, management and delivery, assessment and reporting – with the ultimate goal being to exceed client expectations.

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