I Tried These Mysterious Elixirs And Got My Sexy Back In A Major Way: My Honest Review.

PinkKitty for her and EasyRhino for him (Image: Courtesy)

What is the key to pleasure and seduction? Well, I would say it is a combination of mystery and anticipation.

You want to feel sexy, you want the vibe to be just right; And you definitely need to get out of the ordinary and explore the friskier, naughtier side – if you do it correctly this changes everything.

I had come across a story on another media outlet about two mysterious liqueurs that boasted crafted herbal infusions – PinkKitty and EasyRhino by 2XL Swagger brands. I decided to dig a little deeper and found an entire online community that swears by the special feelings that one can experience upon consuming these “his and hers” vodkas.

I received a special shipment which contained the brand´s new romance kits – a fun, playful way to experience intimacy in what represents a step in the right direction from a branding perspective as these special spirits are directly linked with something we all experience: the desire for connection. The romance kit by 2XL Swagger contained miniature limited edition bottles of both liqueurs, a set of dice, two exclusive candles and additional accessories all in a gorgeous box that glorifies both brands in a stimulating blend of powerful blue and seductive pink. I decided to try my stuff out immediately.

As a woman, I can attest to the importance of foreplay in a sexual encounter. Science backs me up on this, as studies have shown that foreplay is not only preferred by most women, but it also leads to better sexual experiences overall.

Here are just a few of the ways that science has proven the importance of foreplay:

  • Foreplay helps to increase desire: Studies have shown that when women are stimulated through foreplay, it leads to an increase in desire and a more satisfying sexual experience. This is because foreplay helps to increase blood flow to the genitals, which leads to increased sensitivity and pleasure.

  • It leads to better orgasms: Studies have also shown that when women are stimulated through foreplay, it leads to stronger and more frequent orgasms. This is because foreplay helps to increase arousal, which makes it easier for women to reach orgasm. I can confirm this to be true, and most of my friends would say the same.

  • Foreplay helps to create a deeper connection: Foreplay is not just about physical pleasure, it also helps to create a deeper emotional and psychological connection between partners. This can lead to increased intimacy and a stronger bond between partners.

  • It helps to relax and reduce stress: Foreplay can help to relax and reduce stress which leads to better sexual experiences and intimacy. I also drank a couple of shots of PinkKitty and gave my partner some EasyRhino. All I can say is…wow!

  • It also helps to explore and experiment: Foreplay is a great way to explore and experiment with different techniques and styles of intimacy, this leads to better understanding of each other and it makes the sexual encounter more fun and adventurous. So keep things fun and sexy!

The romance kit by 2XL Swagger also includes dice (Image: Courtesy)

It's important to note that foreplay is not just the responsibility of one person, both partners should engage in it, and it's not just about physical touch. Foreplay can also involve emotional and psychological stimulation, such as flirting, talking, and building anticipation. Remember guys, we want to feel desired. And ladies, here´s a pro tip: you can make him want you all day, just send him a sexy text at lunch and tease him, he´ll go crazy for you and when you finally meet the temperature will be just right.

When it comes to my own private and personal experience, I must say… my boyfriend and I really enjoyed the romance kit by 2XL Swagger brands and I do recommend it!

It´s a sexy way to break with the routine if you´re in a relationship, and if you´re single and ready to mingle it definitely keeps you flirty and fun.

In conclusion, foreplay is essential to a satisfying sexual encounter for most of us and that is a science-backed fact ladies and gentlemen. It helps to increase desire, leads to better orgasms, creates a deeper connection, reduces stress and helps to explore and experiment. So, let's not skip it and make sure to make the most of it by getting frisky!

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