The Balloon Museum from "Emily in Paris" is Coming to Miami

The Balloon Museum

Even if you haven't seen the Netflix hit about a savvy American girl navigating life and love in Paris, you've likely heard of its vibrant world. The photogenic Balloon Museum, featured in Season 3, is floating its way to Miami.

Opening on June 22 at Mana Wynwood, the Balloon Museum will showcase inflatable installations by 20 internationally acclaimed artists until October 6. Previously enjoyed by over 4.4 million visitors in cities like Rome, Paris, Milan, Madrid, London, and New York, this unique exhibition, "Let's Fly," features larger-than-life contemporary artworks in an interactive environment.

What to Expect at the Balloon Museum

The Balloon Museum offers a perfect escape from Miami's summer heat and storms. Visitors of all ages are invited to explore the balance between lightness and heaviness through air-based art. Unlike traditional museums, here you're encouraged to touch and interact with the exhibits.

Featured artists include muralist Camila Falsini, Sasha Frolova (known for her inflatable latex sculptures), and Cyril Lancelin. You can expect to see a massive inflatable labyrinth with a reflective orb at its center, an LED infinity tunnel, lava lamps, and trippy projections perfect for Instagram.

The Balloon Museum

Duration of the Experience

The entire experience takes about 90 minutes, with various rooms to explore and VR sets to use.

Ticket Information

Tickets start at $29 for children and $39 for adults. There is a special rate of $36 for Florida residents, students, and military members. You can join the waitlist for tickets now.

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