How Market Leader Ultracor Is Redefining The Fit-Fashion Ecosystem

s a larger portion of the male demographic becomes fixated on the perfect wearable experience, brands like market leader Ultracor- which recently launched their men’s line- have embarked on a path to deliver superior quality products.

The new venture, which is available on the company’s website, aims to provide its male audience with a painstakingly crafted product line that merges luxury and performance: “It’s by far the most luxurious men’s athleisure out there.” explains Michael Ball, who runs the company alongside his wife and Ultracor’s CEO, Asha Kai.

Having won over women who crave unmatched quality and design, while maintaining a major emphasis on sustainability, the brand is bringing the same winning combination to its men’s line. Michael leveraged his background in professional cycling to formulate the perfect compression pieces for the line, ensuring that Ultracor’s tights and shorts offer precisely the right fit and “technology” for strenuous workouts.

“We use our proprietary fabrics from Italy, which make the quality and performance better than anything else available to men today.”-explains Michael.
The company hopes that it’s men’s shorts—the line’s leading piece—will be met with the same level of virality as their famed Knockout Leggings for women. Given that those who have tried them on are reluctant to take them off due to unparalleled comfort, the short’s trajectory to the top of the market seems inevitable.

Besides the brand’s commitment to luxurious craftsmanship, they’re equally known for their superior production when it comes to sustainability. With so many fast-fashion and major corporations skimming on the importance of this factor, Ultracor sets itself apart as an industry leader.

Given that the men’s line is already gaining notoriety with fans like Steve Aoki, Dwayne Wade, and even The Rock, for whom the bold brand created customized styles, it should come as no surprise that the cultural movement started by Ultracor´s obsession with product perfection is showing no signs of slowing down. Asha and Michael witnessed firsthand the outlandish waste, pollution, and over-production that went into fashion, which inspired them to do things differently. With everything produced in-house, and naturally in the U.S., on-demand, and with water soluble non-toxic inks, the brand boasts the most sustainable men’s line to-date; With its sleek designs and irresistible fabrics, this brand is for the men who are interested in the finer things in life, but who are also looking for the highest-level products no matter the space. However, it’s also for those who aspire towards this lifestyle:

“These are investment pieces, they’ll outlast and outperform anything else that’s out there.”- Michael affirms.
To check out the latest styles and try the hot new line for yourself, head over to

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