New Zealand Experts Are Taking A Stand For Human Rights

icrowave Radiation Exposure, Extreme Abortion Bills, Homelessness and Agenda 2030 - does this sound okay to you? It shouldn’t.

No, we´re not talking about science fiction, we´re addressing a widespread concern amongst conscious citizens and experts who have been warning the general population of the impending danger that approaches, unless action is taken.

A group of New Zealand Citizens who have thoroughly researched the bills - and moves the government has made over the years - are taking a stand against the violation of human rights that the New Zealand Government has allowed, hidden and encouraged.

New Zealand is only the tip of the iceberg – these Orwellian laws and initiatives are a worldwide issue - an issue that needs to be brought to a halt.

Gordon Malcolm - a New Zealand born Business Owner, pre-eminent expert, beloved husband and father, and a seriously concerned citizen is taking a stand - and is gravely anxious for the well being of New Zealand Citizens. A group of fearless community leaders like Malcolm are preparing to shed a light unto a situation that could potentially alter the very fabric of individual human freedom, if not addressed properly.

The central argument being presented by this group of concerned citizens is that if invasive and potentially harmful 5G technology continues being indiscriminately rolled out across New Zealand, ordinary people stand to lose the most. This is only one of the many topics that will be addressed at the protest, which has already harnessed nationwide relevance, set against the backdrop of ever increasing civilian concerns.

The protest is set to begin at 2pm on Thursday the 6th of August on the Steps of Parliament in Wellington, New Zealand.

Turn up, tune in. The world is changing, and you can be a part of the change!

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