WEALTHINTEL, Inc. Designates Its Chief Hardware Officer

WealthIntel, a United States development stage innovator in commerce high tech solutions, announced Ernest Syska joined the Company as its Chief Hardware Officer. Ernest joins WealthIntel’s international leadership team from Warsaw, Poland.

Ernest Syska reports to WealthIntel’s CEO Fabrizio Boccardi.

Commenting, Ernest said “I could not be more excited to join WealthIntel at this critical juncture in the company’s trajectory. During my career in both software and hardware technology, I’ve been focused to primarily seek disruptive innovations. WealthIntel is fundamentally rethinking commerce and service communications in a way that others have not. I’m honored and excited to be part of the company in its efforts to design hardware solutions at this critical time in Internet history.”

Ernest brings valuable expertise and knowledge to the Company with many years of experience in visual and accelerated computing advances across a broad range of platforms, including PCs, mobile, professional workstations and consumer devices. His deep technical expertise spans graphics hardware, software and system architecture.

Ernest joins WealthIntel from VEO Limited, which he founded in Poland.

Fabrizio Boccardi stated: “We are very pleased to have Ernest joining the Company. Ernest will be lead for WealthIntel core innovation programs in connection with its Hardware solutions, proposing and advancing strategic co-innovation partnerships and programs with potential customers, partners, licensors, government, developers, academia, standards and open-source groups. These relationships will be invaluable to WealthIntel as it looks to expand into disruptive hardware products through partnerships and joint ventures.”

WealthIntel is undertaking new technologies, methods, and applications which are proprietary, classified, and treated as top trade secrets.

WealthIntel, Inc. is a United States development-stage technology company that designs and develops high-tech systems, methods, and software applications for pioneering consumer products and services.

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