Under CEO Abhita Batra, Otomagnetics is Poised to Become a Biotech Leader

For Abhita Batra, CEO of Otomagnetics, Inc. – a leading biotech startup that analysts have praised due to its unquestionable market-altering potential – the commitment to actively improve countless human lives has been a consistent driving force throughout her noteworthy career.

From an early age, Batra was actively and consistently exposed to the inner workings of business, entrepreneurship and the unfathomable potential held by successful biotechnological endeavors; As a youth, Abhita envisioned a vivid journey into the future of human healthcare that promises substantial, measurable and scalable benefits.

Immediately after joining Otomagnetics as its Chief Executive Officer the immense potential and substantial responsibility that comes with unbridled innovation was clear; Amongst savvy venture capitalists, investment bankers and seasoned investors, the company has become a hot topic.

Most importantly, thanks to the trailblazing businesswoman´s clear cut leadership style – known to optimize resources, attract key players and capture the attention of mainstream audiences across America and the world - the momentum required to effectively scale a steadfast startup offering a groundbreaking drug delivery method that has the power to exert a distinct positive influence across the board has been gaining increasingly noticeable organic and grassroots support, like few companies in recent history have experienced.

This cutting-edge technology - successfully developed at the University of Maryland out of the Fischell Department of BIoengineering (BioE) and Institute for Systems Research (ISR) in 2013 – has the potential to dramatically effect the vector of global healthcare.

Under Abhita Batra´s efficient leadership, Otomagnetics has successfully raised several million dollars in seed capital and secured a myriad of strategic commercial and development partnerships.

As Yahoo Finance recently stated, Otomagnetics is set to improve countless lives

When discussing biotechnology companies, the facts matter – and as a matter of fact – the proprietary magnetic drug delivery technology championed by the burgeoning company,

which non-invasively directs biocompatible nanoparticles and their therapeutic payloads through soft tissue, represents a beacon of hope for millions of patients, including infant cancer survivors, in what generalized analysis suggests could become one of the most impactful scientific breakthroughs in recent history.

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