Trends: Ignite International Set To Revolutionize Performance Beverage Market

Ignite International is excited to debut ZRO performance drinks throughout the Vitamin Shoppe’s over 780 stores and online via With its high quality, cutting edge functional beverages that fuel a healthy lifestyle, Ignite ZRO is the perfect complement to Vitamin Shoppe’s healthy living offerings.

Designed for consumers who want to live life to the fullest, without sacrificing quality or performance, Ignite ZRO products were crafted with the most demanding standards. They feature nootropic ingredients, that are proven to provide long lasting improvement in mood, clarity, and cognitive performance. They’re available in four popular flavors, such as TartBreaker, BlueRasp Bilz, Purely Passion and Peach Crisp, to cater to every taste. The line of performance drinks are consistent with Ignite International’s mission of providing the best products at affordable prices.

Ignite’s newest line up of products are backed by a huge and loyal following, and are beloved by major celebrities and influencers around the globe, all of whom know to expect only the best form Ignite International.

For more information on both the ZRO as well as Ignite's forthcoming product launches, please visit

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