In Southern Mexico Miguel Montañez Leads A New Wave Of Tech Innovations

For decades life changing innovations seemed to come exclusively out of Ivy-league colleges or Silicon Valley startups, but as visionary entrepreneurs from around the globe decide to take a leap and diversify from traditionally profitable and stable business verticals and into the arena of technological innovation with a globalized and competitive outlook, the advancement of the democratic tech revolution has reached peak levels.

Recently, one man in particular has captured the attention of the international business community, not only due to his stellar track record as one of Mexico´s most successful real estate developers and investors but also because of his unwavering commitment to the enhancement of people´s lives through technology and modernization.

For Miguel Montañez, who resides in the peaceful and picturesque southern state of Yucatan in his natal Mexico, the ability to effect a positive impact in those around him has always been a way of life.

As the accomplished businessman continues his noteworthy expansion, actively developing new and burgeoning residential projects he has also invested much of his time and effort into the creation of a new framework for how technology companies work in his city and state.

With a pragmatic approach to global competition in the tech space, the entrepreneur and philanthropist hopes to give back to the community that saw him become the paragon of business excellence he is recognized to be today.

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