How Emily Alexandra Guglielmo Became The New American Pinup

The young model and businesswoman embodies a shift in public perception, as empowered women from around the world step up to the spotlight.

Emily Alexandra Guglielmo has become synonymous with all-American natural beauty.

As a young girl, Emily Alexandra was always attracted to the camera, her family would record endless home movies starring the bright and naturally charismatic child that would grow up to become one of the most successful female entrepreneurs of her generation.

As a professional model, Ms. Guglielmo has graced the covers of high profile international publications, while also commanding day to day operations for her successful cosmetics brand which has recently been named “the new standard in consumer beauty products” by The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine.

But Emily´s accolades are not exclusive to fashion, entertainment and business – as a passionate ocean lover and professional mermaid – Emily also believes in the power of assertive action and selfless philanthropy.

Her non profit “Supporting Water” has already effected the lives of numerous vulnerable citizens in third world countries where access to clean drinking water is an everyday struggle, through her cosmetics brand and additional efforts she has been able to inspire other young and successful entrepreneurs to give back and help those who need it the most.

Through her charitable endeavors the young entrepreneur has found true fulfillment.

As the world faces new challenges, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, resourceful business leaders must find new ways to deliver value to consumers, for Emily, this means helping women feel beautiful by encouraging them to accept their bodies and honor their individuality, which is the spirit behind her ocean friendly, water-proof, vegan and cruelty free line of consumer favorite beauty products.

Through the unapologetic optics of a woman who has accomplished what many deem to be impossible, while remaining a devoted sister, daughter and friend, women should be in command of their own destiny; Applying their intelligence, drive and natural magnetism in service of a bigger cause. Promoting environmental consciousness, social unity, gender equality and serving as a source of motivation for younger generations who are looking to materialize their dreams in the midst of widespread social and geopolitical turmoil.

Ms. Guglielmo shared with us her vision for the future and some of the challenges behind her success story.

The new American pinup Emily Alexandra Guglielmo has been published in over 7 countries.

How did you decide to create and launch Emily Alexandra Cosmetics?

The idea of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics stemmed from me becoming a Professional Globally known Mermaid....throughout my years doing events and shoots all over and in all types of bodies of water, It was then that idea came about for me to create a cosmetics line that not only was good for your skin, but safe for the coral reefs as well. So in November 2018 my idea finally came to fruition and I launched the brand!

We know your brand is ocean friendly, can you share with our readers the nature of your love for the ocean?

Every Since I was a little girl, my father would take me to the beach every weekend! I was naturally a born-mermaid. I feel the ocean carries some sort of magical force and can heal you just by being there...In order to keep our oceans safe and clean, we must start with ourselves in our everyday lives... and we all wear makeup daily.

What have been some of the challenges you´ve had to overcome in order to consolidate your brand?

I have had to look at some of my products and decide which items are not popular in the mainstream, and what are the latest trends... I decided to create a beautiful mascara line with colors that no other brands have ever created... so in part, I am creating a trend that has not yet been introduced as well.... I truly learn something new everyday in this journey!

Follow Emily´s journey: @emilyguglielmo

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