Meet Artist Gregory Allen Page, Your Modern Day Impressionist

While France’s late 19th century artists Monet, Manet and Renoir remain highly revered in museums across the world, artist Gregory Allen Page redefines what it means to create art in the Impressionism fashion. Starting with the Impressionist technique and value of realism, Page’s collection of work is an interpretation of varied scenes and moments of life, both human and natural. Yet where Page differs from most Impressionists is in achieving movement realism in his paintings.

With his bold, bright colors and rich brushwork, he manages to find the romanticism of a scene or subject and marry it with authentic profundity of life. In turn, Page’s objective it not to capture what looks like a photograph, but instead, a real-life depiction that possesses the actual energy of the subject, through painting. As a modern impressionist, he achieves continuity between art and nature, with injections of movement realism. In doing this, Page’s art has merited reviews ripe with praise.
“The rich brushwork and color found in his paintings meld well with his subject matter, focusing on spirituality, love and beautiful life experiences.”

Thanks to an extensive scientific understanding of light and color, Page’s process while painting is not just attributed to following feeling and energy. Instead, he is able to use this knowledge to create an enhanced sense of authenticity and energy in his subjects by focusing on the movement in life. This practice is evident in all of his collection. Despite a great number of paintings in his collection, there is no reduction in quality.

In his painting titled “Arches,” Page captures the perspective of one standing under a grandiose ceiling with towering pillars and arches reaching up into the distance of what could perhaps be a European cathedral or royal estate. Through a subject that in real life is otherwise static, Page paints with the Impressionist technique, but with his added flare for true reality. Through “Arches,” one feels an overwhelming sense of wonder as if they were actually standing below, admiring the grand architecture of a Roman cathedral. In succeeding to replicate a sense of Impressionism with an enhancement for life and energy, Page continues to break barriers in the art world, transcending labels and genres, forging his own path of art.

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