How Touch Dolls is Revolutionizing Fast Fashion in Volatile Times

The disruptive Miami based fast fashion label Touch Dolls has become synonymous with fresh and trendy collections, especially created for curvy and vivacious women who are accustomed to commanding the spotlight wherever they might go; However, in times of rapidly evolving consumer trends, the creative minds at Touch Dolls decided to bring an up-scale vibe to a familiar and necessary accessory, the face mask.

Personality, individuality and the right to express our own unique style are intrinsic parts of our human nature, and as the world faces major disruption, those who uphold the power of personal expression seem to always find a way to turn dirt into diamonds.

As people around the world struggle to find new ways to enjoy what they love most about life while remaining vigilant to the current situation, the ability to continue feeling true to oneself becomes a powerful asset.

For fashion conscious women who are used to looking and feeling their best, wearing a lifeless and boring – yet necessary – accessory goes against their personal belief system. Color and shine are a must!

And while Touch Dolls has reported several of their fashionable face mask models completely selling out in record timeframes, the company continues ramping up production, while observing the highest hygiene and safety guidelines to ensure the ongoing health of customers and their own employees alike.

A thought comes to mind, as the planet adapts to the challenges faced by all of us: when there is so much out of our control, having a choice on how we look can make a world of difference.
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