How Prescriber´s Choice Is Making Patients And Physician’s Lives Easier

For too long, doctors and patients alike have faced uncertainty regarding drug prices which ultimately complicates the caretaking process. The new second generation of custom medication consulting company Prescriber’s Choice is about to change the landscape for good.

Prescriber’s Choice is taking effective medical prescriptions a huge step forward in 2020 by unveiling its new second generation technology FRED--which stands for Financial Reconciliation for E-Prescription Data. It enables physicians to e-prescribe the medication that they feel is best for the patient to a gateway created by Prescriber’s Choice parent company Sincerus Pharmaceuticals.

By providing concrete technological solution to the drug prescription pricing conundrum faced by tens of thousands of people every day, Prescriber´s Choice is making a mark on modern healthcare as we know it.

Patients are now empowered and physicians can feel confident when prescribing medications, leveraging data unlike ever before. With this technology, the prescription and insurance information will be automatically sent to the leading mail order pharmacies for them to provide competitive bids.

By facilitating this process, the company is not only helping patients keep better track of healthcare related expenses and look for the best possible price for the drugs they need, but is also expected to drastically reduce the amount of time-consuming prior authorizations and medication substitutions at the pharmacy.

According to Sincerus Pharmaceuticals CEO Spencer Malkin, “FRED will introduce a new gold-standard process that both doctors and patients can trust for its transparency, accuracy, and accessibility.”

With technology being used to benefit and empower consumers, it is safe to say that Prescriber´s Choice is ushering in a new era in digital healthcare solutions.

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