Why Edoardo Borrelli Is Synonymous With Flawless Menswear

Well known around Miami´s most select circles and selected by numerous international celebrities as their trusted personal tailor, Naples born Edoardo Borrelli has accomplished a feat that many in his hometown considered impossible: he has taken his luxury menswear imprint to the top of the fashion pyramid.

Since opening a high end boutique in Miami´s prestigious The Setai, Mr. Borrelli has made a statement of uncompromising quality, bespoke service and superior Neapolitan traditional high end tailoring.

The Neapolitan craftsmanship, design elements and overall style have all become recognized around the world due to the powerful fashion statement projected by their master tailors, such as Edoardo Borrelli.

It is a representation of the utmost respect for the art of luxury menswear seamlessly blended with a keen understanding of classic and modern trends that empowers fashion visionaries such as Mr. Borrelli to create timeless combinations for a very select client roster.

From painstakingly crafting compelling power suits for Florida´s business elite to the perfect sailing outfit or a tailored creation manifested with the sole purpose of enhancing a big night out on the town, one thing is for sure, Mr. Borrelli´s passion for his profession is distinct and unmistakable.

Following respectfully the guidelines established by legendary Neapolitan tailors at the start of the twentieth century, while also infusing a touch of modern creative genius into every single garment he fashions, Edoardo honors his traditions, heritage and ancestry, while also marking the beginning of a new chapter in the history of menswear.

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