The Real Connection Between Beauty And Humanitarian Leadership

Medspas are not usually associated with humanitarian efforts, however when it comes to pre-eminent social leadership, one spot in particular has gained global recognition. We´re talking about Harmony Aesthetics Center, a cutting edge practice located in Santa Monica, California.

For Holly Houk, a registered nurse and recognized beauty and wellness thought leader, customer service and personalized attention have always been important aspects of her business practices.

Holly began her nursing career in the fast-paced hospital setting before transitioning into dermatology where she learned of her love for aesthetics and skin care. With many years of experience working in aesthetics and plastics throughout SoCal Holly applies her natural talent as an artist into her love for aesthetics. Because of Holly's arts background she considers herself a facial sculptor, and is known for her artistic eye, gentle touch and utmost attention to detail. She takes pride in giving her clients a natural yet beautiful result. Holly is extremely passionate about empowering those around her and building up the self confidence of her clients by enhancing their natural beauty. Holly makes it her mission to keep up with the latest technology, advance techniques and services within aesthetics.

For Holly, and the team at Harmony Aesthetics however, giving back to the community has always been a top priority.

Our biggest priority is to give back to our community. We are in the process of setting up our own nonprofit, with which we will help those who have been at the bottom and are picking themselves back up. i.e. were homeless or women from the battered women’s shelter. And help them to regain confidence...fixing skin, providing clothing, providing haircuts, teaching interview skills etc.

We have been working with West Coast Care recently through the Santa Monica chamber of commerce. West Coast Care works with the homeless population helping them get back on their feet and reunited with their family.

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