This New Investment Trend Will Surprise You

For centuries, Scotch whisky has been the beverage of choice for influential individuals who appreciate bold flavors and a poignant, well rounded drinking experience.

Socialites, executives and A-list celebrities have all been linked to this celebrated spirit, but until recently, most consumers didn´t seem to associate the drink with an enticing investment opportunity.

An innovative new trend has now been sparked thanks to a company by the name of The Whisky Cask Company, founded by seasoned entrepreneur and whisky aficionado Alexander Johnson in the United Kingdom, and now rapidly expanding across international markets.

The company connects passionate collectors with products of the highest integrity, as mentioned in their official website. Thus, elevating the collector´s overall experience while delivering tangible investment value due to their attractive business model.

“In short, The Whisky Cask Company is expanding into the US, in the UK market we have made good progress by offering collectors whisky by cask. We have also been using whisky as a form of collateral within financial instruments.

Whisky in cask is gaining older age designations the longer you leave it. It becomes rarer and rarer as it becomes older and continues to evolve as a more complex aged spirit. Once whisky is put into a bottle it stops to age and can be left pretty much indefinitely.

We signed as a global brand ambassador, Chris Robshaw, he was the captain of the England rugby team, sort of like the UK Tom Brady.” – Founder and Director Alexander Johnson states.

While the world of rare spirits was once reserved for royals and titans of industry, The Whisky Cask Company has brought a new and exciting myriad of investment and collection possibilities to knowledgeable consumers around the world, effectively disrupting one of the most prestigious industries.

We´ll drink to that!
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