The New Trend In Nutrition Technology For Enhanced Performance

Whether you´re a professional athlete, a fitness enthusiast or just a health oriented individual who looks for the highest quality in the products you consume, leading nutrition brand Quantum Squares has a choice for you.

Painstakingly engineered using only the highest quality ingredients, Quantum squares provide a gluten free, vegan and non-GMO solution for your daily needs, with delightful flavors and select blends.

For this brand, associated with superior performance, becoming the official energy bar of the Ironman World Championship series has been a true milestone, and one that has enabled Quantum Squares to reach a broader consumer base, while remaining true to its origins.

Quantum- led by CEO Daniel Medvene- had earned such distinction due to the groundbreaking formulation of green energy (sourced from organic green coffee), plant based protein, and gluten-free status that comprises the ingredients of Quantum Squares.

The net effect is a bar which packs both incredible taste and steady invigoration (due to the sustained time release of the caffeine) meaning that athletic performance can be optimized without any consumption or health related compromises incurred.

Naturally, the bar is perfectly placed for the extreme endurance athletes of the Ironman series, but it also should make a compelling case to mainstream markets due to its exciting new concept, addictive taste, and peak performance.

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