Karuna Has Become The New Trend In Wellness

Fitness and health enthusiasts across the country have spoken: there is a new undisputed champion in the wholesome beverage market, and its name is Karuna.

The St. Louis based company has grown to become a nationally recognized brand at the edge of science and mindfulness.

Due to a rich and diverse product offering which features a selection of superfood whole plant smoothies, juices & tonics – as well as an irresistible new kind of coffee based beverages which also include essential prebiotics, vitamins and other nutritional enhancements – Karuna has been widely endorsed by public figures across the fitness world.

Outdoor athlete extraordinaire and fitness guru Ashiko Westguard explains it like this:
“Truly loving yourself is all about the relationship that we have within ourselves. How we choose nourish our minds and honor our bodies. Connecting to that inner dialogue that drives our thoughts and there for actions.

My Karuna has implemented them in products offering organic wholesome and plant-based ingredients.

We strive to be recognized, to live bold, colorful and free. With My Karuna you’re able to re-energize without harmful ingredients, refocus to be able to climb higher but what’s most important is to know you made a conscious decision to better your health.”

Offering the highest quality products has always been part of the company´s philosophy, so rest assured that when you indulge with a Karuna beverage, you´re also indulging in a plant-based, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, gluten free and fair trade certified treat.

Cheers to that!

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