A Look Inside The Science Behind A Better Life

For Richie Jaynes, a veteran entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in health, fitness, wellness, and entrepreneurship, the search for a better quality of life has always been a great passion and he has never ceased his hunt for the great competitive advantage—the next edge in feeling good and living better.

When Richie’s mother-in-law faced life’s looming inevitabilities, he and his wife desperately pursued relief and remedy to help her revel in her remaining days. CBD was the answer they had been searching for.

As a result, Richie developed an awareness of the empowerment of CBD to boost wellness, enrich vigor, and ultimately trigger prosperity and happiness. After studying the biology, essence, effects, and other aspects of this compound, he felt others could benefit from this miracle substance as well. In fact, he knew there was an entire community in pursuit of a better lifestyle that can be possible with CBD.

Richie pledged to devise a clean, stigma-free, all-natural method to capitalize on the advantages of this product, and allow it to elevate the lives of those around him. It is Richie’s passion to help people live a superior quality of life. These roots became the foundation for the movement of CBD as a lifestyle called Hemp Lyfe. Richie has assembled some of the best and brightest and most successful minds in the entire CBD Hemp space to work with him to produce some of the most innovated, exclusive CBD products to ever hit the market.

Hemp Lyfe´s philosophy is all about unity, creating and strengthening a loyal tribe of people that seek a more fulfilling life.

Thanks to innovative product lines like their “Bliss” softgels and “Dream” CBD inhalers, users have been able to dramatically increase their every day lives, reduce ailments and enjoy a renewed sense of vigor and wellness.

There are many CBD brand out in the market, but Hemp Lyfe has made a statement of superior quality and unequivocal devotion to providing cutting edge solutions to its ever growing customer base, and that is why we recommend them.

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