With Serenity, Feeling Better Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Many CBD brands out in the market today claim to provide the essentials you need, but only a select few can back up their claims with facts.

We reviewed Serenity CBD and its products, this is what we found:
  • 1- Feeling better is not only up to your choice of products, it´s also a matter of personal inner work, however, Serenity has one of the most compelling product selections out there today, and the philosophy behind the brand definitely helps – the good folks over at Serenity CBD believe that balance is the key to revitalize mind, body and soul and we couldn´t agree more.

  • 2- Made from select ingredients with a thoughtful and meticulous production process, every Serenity product is jam packed with good stuff designed to make you feel better right away.

  • 3- The belief in synergy and our fundamental relationship as human beings to our planet, nature and those around us has inspired this trendsetting brand to create a wide array of exclusive and highly effective products that will assist you in living your best life.

According to Founders Kendall Kaya and Jeff Johnson: “Our process starts with meticulously sourcing the best organic farmers and producers of our raw ingredients, including CBD-rich hemp. Utilizing our award-winning extraction practices and third-party lab testing, we are able to ensure that the full spectrum CBD-rich extract is the cleanest and purest that it can be. Our process ends in environmentally conscious packaging and shipping materials, produced here in America. We are extremely proud to have eliminated 99.96% of all plastic from those practices.”

Serenity´s groundbreaking production methodology has blazed the trail for countless other CBD brands to follow.

Uniquely effective products such as their extra strength tincture, its pet safe selection and a wide array of inspiring and highly enticing beauty and personal care selections have made an unmistakable impact, enhancing people´s lives and skyrocketing the brand to prominence, as the CBD movement keeps gaining momentum across the country.
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