Lewis Hamilton: The Man Behind The Driver

In a world reigned by speed, performance and the sparkle of multi-million dollar deals, like Formula 1, many have forgotten about the less fortunate and remain content with making and spending outrageous sums of money while the poor are left behind. Lewis Hamilton is a different kind of man.

While the superstar British pilot who races for Mercedes-AMG Petronas has enjoyed massive success, fame and the wealth that comes with being one of the best in the world at what he does, he has made it clear through actions, and not words, that he deeply cares for those who don´t have a voice.

Lewis actively supports a variety of charitable organizations such as UNICEF, Save the Children, Education Africa, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Harlem Children´s Zone and The Honeypot Children´s Charity among many others.

He does this out of the kindness of his own heart, and expects nothing in return.

Lewis himself stated while staying in India for a few days after racing to provide relief and support to malnourished children living in conditions of extreme poverty:
“In this day and age, when you can build a circuit for whatever this cost [£300m is a figure cited] … if you can do that, if there is money like that in the world, and there are billions being made, I don't understand how it's possible that people are still starving on the streets."

"I love kids," he added. "I just want to see if I can lift some kids' spirits. It's no sweat off my back to go and help some people like that. They are far, far, far less fortunate than I am or anyone of us are. It's so minuscule, and it should be done more. That's why I'm doing it. And I want to do more work with many more charities in the future.”

Lewis Hamilton stands as a beacon of light in a planet that has been ravaged by inequality - his love and compassion for children, animals and the less fortunate inspires everyone around him, and while not everybody has massive resources at their disposal there is always a way to help our fellow humans and the environment, as the saying goes: “where there´s a will, there´s a way” and a world class champion like Mr. Hamilton is living proof of that.

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