Top Model Zaina Gohou Believes Sustainability Is The Way Forward

Zaina Gohou is certainly not your average top model.

Born in Germany to a German mother and an Ivorian father, and now based in New York, the vivacious and mindful young actress, model and social activist has broken down traditional industry barriers by infusing her own personal touch (deeply influenced by her psychology and business degrees) to every endeavor she has undertaken. She believes that influence in the modern age should be used consciously to effect positive change, starting with sustainability which holds a direct correlation to the state of our planet and its inhabitants in a large scale.

As an established and celebrated top model, Zaina has leveraged her privileged standing within the international fashion industry to raise awareness towards issues that affect citizens of every country, as well as all living creatures.

Her work has always been strongly influenced by her determination to act as a force of positive change, as Ms. Gohou herself explains:
“I believe its important that models and influencers use their platform to promote the values that they stand for. I want to have an impact by being a platform for sustainable brands products and communicate and discuss ideas about sustainability and consciousness.

We live in a society that is obsessed with consumerism. As a result, we destroy our planet. As a psychologist it´s evident for me that the reason for blind and never ending consumerism is our need for belonging. We need to actively work on filling this need by becoming more aware.

Being more aware will help us to make meaningful deep human connections and to take responsibility for our planet. Opposed to buying more things we should focus on buying the right things and pay attention to quality and sustainability. I believe that is the the way to achieve great levels of personal fulfilment, purpose and it is the only and I way to save our planet.”
This honest and congruent approach has propelled Zaina towards a unique career path, one that has seen her consolidate her personal brand by collaborating with sustainable and eco-conscious brands and projects.

She is working with sustainable brands such as Garnett Hill and Savannah Morrow which emphasize sustainable materials and produce their clothing consciously.

This year, Zaina did the worldwide Yamamay Save the Ocean campaign, which was shot in an eco-friendly resort in the Maldives for one of Europe´s biggest swimwear brands: made of recycled fibers with a portion of the profits going to an ocean preservation foundation.

In decisive times for the wellbeing and preservation of our planet, conscious and active public figures like Zaina Gohou provide renewed hopes and a clear path to follow for people who value and respect the environment, becoming an undisputable example of how fashion, glamour and lifestyle can coexist with consciousness and fruitful, well directed activism.
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