Ismygirl Is Democratizing Online Content Turning Likes Into Dollars

With the unequivocal rise in social media content consumption, countless models and muses around the world have taken their beauty and charm to Instagram and similar platforms in an effort to share their uniqueness and vivaciousness with the world.

Until recently, their options had been very limited and monetizing their original content had proven to be a challenge, but the ways of the past are coming to an end with cutting edge platforms like IsMyGirl, a new social media offering that has mastered the art of making money for its members.

Within this private, curated community of bold content creators, models from all walks of life can actively monetize their social media presence while remaining in full control of how much or how little they wish to share with their audiences.

“It´s not about the content, it´s about connection” IsMyGirl CEO, Evan Seinfeld affirms.

For the first time, and thanks to IsMyGirl beautiful women are able to share their alluring figures and awe-inspiring smiles with millions of active users while capturing not only the exposure, but also the profits and ushering a new era of democratization in social media content distribution.

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