Getting To Know The Minds Behind Just Human

What does being “Just Human” mean to you?

It means we’re all imperfect and at the same time, we can choose to be a force for good. The pressures of trying to be perfect can easily deter us from doing anything at all. We hope that by celebrating imperfection we can help others realize that what makes them imperfect is the same thing that makes them unique and special.

As a catalyst for change in the fashion industry, how do your products inspire humans to “do more good” than ever before?

We put a lot of thought and creativity into all aspects of our product with the intention that it would inspire humans to be more conscious and thoughtful about the products we consume and “do more good”. When we decided to develop a sustainable product we took a look at the entire system from design to materials to manufacturing and packaging. We believe the idea of “do more good” is about always striving for better and not settling.

Just Human glasses are engineered to be unisex and universal. What was your inspiration behind this unanimous product approach?

We wanted to take a different approach and design a unisex collection that empowers humans to express themselves and not be limited by societal norms. We also believe designing for gender creates a lot of wasteful SKUs so we decided to explore designing a unisex collection with a few designs as possible.

The company is founded on a principle of sustainability. How did you integrate sustainability and fashion?

We saw a gap in the market for a sunglass brand that looked fashionable and was made sustainably. Our goal was to bring sustainability mainstream and to show that you don’t have to compromise style and comfort. We sourced natural materials that felt chic and luxurious and designed to last. Our frame material is made from reforested softwood trees, our high-performance glass lenses are made from sand and minerals which are much more durable and scratch-resistant than plastic lenses. Our sunglass case is made from pineapple leaf fibers and our cleaning cloth from recycled water bottles.

What’s next for Just Human?

Our immediate focus is on spreading the word about the brand and continuing to build out IRL experiences. We’ve recently launched showrooms in Naked Retail – 224 Mulberry St, Nolita, NYC, Atelier & Repairs – 710 N Edinburgh Ave, LA, CA and Leone Napoli 686 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto, ON. Stay tuned for our SF showroom.

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