Aleksandra Rastovic and the true art of lifestyle.

Visual artist, director, and model muse Aleksandra Rastovic at Bahia Hotel in Cabo, Mexico.

Art comes in many shapes, some more engulfing than others. For a young and creative woman named Aleksandra Rastovic the journey of life is meant to be celebrated and lived to the absolute fullest.

As a visual artist, renowned model and director she has made of inspiration a way of life, always discovering new ways to view her surroundings while sharing her unique vision with thousands of avid followers.

Aleksandra is a passionate globetrotter, she travels the world as the face of her production company RAD-MILA in front of and behind the cameras. She often does self portraits on a timer, eliminating limitations and frequently exploring what it feels like to create in any situation.

Through traveling and experiencing the world, Aleksandra has developed a unique creative style.

Art and lifestyle enthusiasts around the world along with Aleksandra´s devoted followers are impatiently awaiting an upcoming exhibition of her personal work, a vibrant nude in landscape self-portrait series which is coming soon.
During her recent trip to Mexico, Aleksandra stayed in what she´s referred to as one of her favorite hotels, Bahia Hotel in Cabo; She also enjoyed dining at Sur Beach House, a hotspot where celebrities and jetsetters are usually spotted.

Follow this self empowered lifestyle guru and discover why she´s part of a new generation of talented people who are actively shaping the new standards of enlightened creativity.

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