Dr. Daniel Naysan - Eliminating America’s #1 Confidence Handicap

It’s no secret that self-confidence is the fuel of success in most of our daily social interactions. From something as simple as greeting someone you’d like to make a good first impression on, to mounting the courage to undertake something life changing-such as proposing to your better half- confidence is the key ingredient to enjoying the journey and attaining the outcome we want.

Confidence however, is quite elusive for many and is certainly not something we can take for granted. We all have things outside of our control we routinely endanger our peace of mind and even things within our control. For instance, for one third of American adults, their smile is a cause of unhappiness.

Dr. Daniel Naysan D.D.S- Director of the Bedford Dental Group and pioneer Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist is setting out to eliminate America’s #1 confidence impediment. His “Smile Makeover” procedure has earned industry acclaim not simply for it’s stunning white finish, but the degree to which it harmonizes with and accentuates the overall structure of one’s face.

In this manner, his craft far transcends the boundaries of traditional dentistry; Dr. Naysan has developed a technique-rooted in dentistry- that changes the overall dynamic, allowing his patients to flaunt a smile that both naturally fits with and enhances the self, establishing an aesthetic which epitomizes your own personal blend of confidence and charm.

Dr. Naysan’s Smile Makeover Quick facts:

  • The “smile makeover” procedure by Dr. Naysan incorporates a complete approach that evaluates each patient´s goals individually.
  • Facial features, expressions and complexion are enhanced by the procedure, creating the perfect balance for each patient.
  • Dr. Naysan is the go-to dentist for countless celebrities and superstars who flaunt flawless smiles the likes of which are now within your grasp.
  • Bedford Dental Group´s Beverly Hills offices feature the latest technology paired with a privileged atmosphere and unparalleled service, to provide an A-list experience for every patient.

Before / After (image courtesy of Dr. Naysan)

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