👄 Victoria Beckham Has a Summer Makeup Secret That's Better Than Concealer

The most flawless strategy for a pulled-together beauty look that translates from daytime power player to cocktail-hour partygoer? A minimalist makeup moment that takes its cue from a colorful tailored dress. Victoria Beckham's petal-pink look offered a welcome jolt to the streets of New York City—one that extended from her eponymous shift to her perfectly coordinated lips.

The vivid swath of body hugging fabric offered a backdrop to a pared-down natural makeup palette that placed emphasis on a single dose of blush-tinted lip gloss. That dash of pinkish pigment made a flattering compliment to Beckham's time-honored beauty signatures—bronzed skin, a set of black oversized sunglasses, and easy, breeze-blown waves—while having an instantly freshening, complexion boosting, stay-cool-in-the-heat effect. Looking to change up the standard nude lip or supercharge a favorite Chapstick this summer? Take a cue from Beckham and think unabashedly pink.
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