JLo Wears $4.5 Million In Tiffany & Co. Diamonds For Dinero Music Video With Cardi B & DJ Khaled

There are many lessons we’ve learned over the years from Jennifer Lopez…we know that love don’t cost a thing, for instance, and that we should never be fooled by the rocks that she’s got, because after all, she is, Jenny from the block. But the rocks that she rocked on the set of her new music video called “Dinero”—with superstar rapper Cardi B and award winning producer DJ Khaled—were no laughing matter.

The song, aptly called “Dinero,” meaning “money” in Spanish, is all about, well…dinero. So it made sense that Miss Lopez wore multiple pieces from Tiffany & Co.‘s highly coveted Paper Flowers collection, totaling $4.5 million. For instance, she wore a stunning platinum-and-diamond necklace with over 68 carats, which took the Tiffany craftsmen over five months to set, by hand.

Other pieces she wore included earrings in platinum with diamonds valued at $95,000; bracelet in platinum with black spinels and diamonds, valued at $265,000; bracelet in platinum with diamonds, valued at $500,000; ring in platinum with a diamond of approximately three carats, valued at $192,000; and dozens more. So what’s the latest lesson JLo has taught us? Perhaps that yes, her love don’t cost a thing, but her Tiffany & Co. jewelry certainly does.

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