Poke Zone One, Official Emblem of The New York Poke Movement

By Thomas Herd

One of the hottest new sensations in the New York culinary world comes from an unexpected boutique restaurant called Poke Zone One.

Loved by students and professionals alike for its delicious, fresh Poke and smoothies, the restaurant has come into the public spotlight this spring as a real industry disrupter.

Omnipresent across social media and spotted everyday from Madison Park to Union Square, the instantly recognizable bowls of Poke Zoke One have become the official emblem of the New York poke movement.

Weekly posts from a vast coalition of foodies, bloggers, style influencers, student leaders, and media editors have ignited this Poke movement and are gradually inculcating this new food type into the daily diets of New Yorkers.

To try for yourself, order off Poke Zone One's eclectic menu or go in personally for a visit at their boutique on 61 Lexington on the corner of 25th Street.

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