Gooseberry Intimates Turned Up The Heat At Coachella Music Lover’s Fashion Report

Written By Riddhi Keralia and Thomas Herd

In what’s become one of the prime time stages of the fashion world, Coachella 2018 was brimming with exciting fashion stories and the rise of new brand movements.

One of the most noticeable trends to grip Coachella patrons and digital onlookers worldwide was produced by the seductive lingerie and swimwear brand Gooseberry Intimates.

Hailing originally from Bali, Gooseberry Intimates has emerged as a disruptive global leader in the lingerie space. Their Intimates Line transcends bedroom fun to offer an enthralling lifestyle line that can be worn as a head turner in any occasion. As demonstrated by fashion icons such as Rose Bertram and Kara Del Toro, their Intimates Line furnished the ravishing statement pieces for their Coachella day looks and turned millions of heads.

Coachella 2018 ✨ @gooseberryintimates #gooseberryintimates

Una publicación compartida por Rose Bertram (@rose_bertram) el

And for downtime at the pool or soaking up the desert sun, the Gooseberry Intimates Seaside Collection also proved to be one of the most popular styles with numerous fashion icons at the festival such as Michele Maturo flaunting their looks unabashedly on Instagram.

While other brands may have had strong Coachella performances this year, none remotely absorbed the fascination of Coachella fans like Gooseberry Intimates. Perhaps an indication that wearing less clothes, yet just the right ones, will leave the greatest impression.

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